Tabor specialises in equipping and empowering community professionals such as teachers, counsellors, youth workers, musicians, pastors, creative communicators and intercultural workers.

TEQSA Provider Number PRV12103


Tabor specialises in equipping and empowering community professionals such as teachers, counsellors, youth workers, musicians, pastors, creative communicators and intercultural workers. Tabor is a Tertiary Education Provider offering wide-ranging levels of study, from Undergraduate Certificates to Postgraduate Degrees.

As a medium-sized college with smaller class sizes, Tabor excels in student support, scoring a 93% positive rating in the National Student Experience Survey.1 The report puts Tabor at Number One in the Nation for Student Overall Satisfaction at Undergraduate level. And that's for all Higher Education providers including Universities!2

At Tabor, you will study as part of a community where the approach to teaching is personal, interactive and relational. A strong practical focus in all our courses will ensure that you are career ready when you graduate. You'll be encouraged to live a life of purpose and will be prepared for a meaningful career and the fulfilment of your professional goals. 

Tabor’s entire approach to teaching and learning is infused by a Christian ethos that recognises spiritual formation as essential to flourishing in life and work. Tabor welcomes students of all backgrounds into a community of learning that strives for excellence in virtue, wisdom, and the pursuit of knowledge and the cultivation of skills. 

Tabor's Millswood campus is located just five minutes south of the city, with plenty of parking and easy access via public transport. Many of Tabor's students, however, are located all around Australia and study online. 

1 QILT Student Experience Survey (Undergraduate) 2020

2 QILT Course Experience Questionnaire 2020

Tabor offers a number of admission pathways that consider a range of qualifications and experience.

Find out more about the admission requirements for Tabor courses

  • Applicants who do not meet the normal entry requirements may still be able to gain admission by demonstrating both their suitability for and aptitude to succeed in their studies by successfully completing Tabor's internal Admissions Assessment (TAA). 
  • Alternative entry for current students in Year 11, 12 or 13 is available through the Tabor Early Entry (TEE) application, through which students may be offered a provisional place regardless of ATAR achieved. More detail about the criteria for such an application can be found at

All courses can be deferred for a period of up to 12 months.

Tabor seeks to maximise the credit that students can gain for learning already undertaken. Therefore, applicants may be granted formal recognition for the knowledge and skills they have achieved through previous training, education, and experience, and consequent exemption from particular units within an accredited course.

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Tabor has two commencement periods: semester 1 (late February to early March) and semester 2 (late July to early August). There is no disadvantage to students who commence their study in semester 2.

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Access and Inclusion

Tabor is committed to a safe, respectful and inclusive culture in which all students and staff are valued. We understand how your study may be impacted by personal circumstances, physical disability, mental health or medical conditions, and we strive to ensure that no one is unfairly disadvantaged. Our dedicated Student Success and Wellbeing officers are trained to work with students of all needs and abilities to provide a fair and supportive pathway to success. For further information call (08) 8373 8777. 

Academic Support

Whether you need help with writing an assignment, accessing resources online, or juggling study with work and life, Tabor has the people and systems in place to see you through. If you’re struggling with an aspect of study, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at, or visit the Student Academic Tool Kit or Digital Help Centre online. Our friendly support staff will point you in the right direction to give you the help you need!


Students on campus and those studying online can access personal counselling (face-to-face or via Zoom) at significantly reduced rates via our Life Design Counselling Centres. 

For further information about Life Design counsellors, fees, to book a counselling session or any other queries visit or call (08) 8373 8707 during office hours.


Our library services team (on campus and online) is committed to supporting students across all courses and levels of study. Our library team are smart people and people-smart – they love to help and have the skills to do so. Most students report feeling safer and less alone following a meeting with one of these special angels.

You can chat to a librarian or set up a time to meet, online at:

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For further information contact Tabor on (08) 8373 8777, email, or visit the reception at our Millswood campus.

The Tabor Open Day provides an opportunity to talk directly with those who lecture in our various programs.

Open Day will be held on Saturday 13 August 2022 10am - 3pm at our Millswood campus which is located at 181 Goodwood Road Millswood SA 5034. Enter off Mitchell Street. Please check our website or call for information on dates and times.

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181 Goodwood Road

Millswood SA 5034

Telephone: (08) 8373 8777


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