If you are required to provide documents, you can attach them electronically to your application.

If you need to provide documents for current year studies, submit them as soon as they are available.

For further information about the documents you are required to provide, see the relevant section below. Note that not all document types listed below are relevant to all applications. Your SATAC application, or correspondence we send you requesting further information, will include instructions on what you need to provide.

What SATAC can get on your behalf

SATAC can get some results on your behalf. In most cases, we won't ask you for supporting documents for:

  • Australian Year 12 qualifications
  • Studies completed at an Australian university
  • TAFE SA studies if completed in the current year
  • STAT results if you have entered the details of your STAT sitting on your SATAC application
SATAC will let you know if we are unable to get your results.

Your institution may not release results if you have an outstanding debt with them. If this is the case, contact your institution for advice. SATAC will not assess the qualification until the institution confirms your results.