SATAC makes offers to courses on behalf of our participating institutions

Your chances of getting an offer in a given round depend on:

  • when you applied
  • whether SATAC has completed the assessment of your application
  • whether the courses you have applied for are making offers in that offer round
  • whether your application is both eligible and competitive enough for an offer.


There are many offer rounds in an admission year.

SATAC makes offers to undergraduate, postgraduate and TAFE SA courses on scheduled offer round dates.

Checking your offer status

You will be notified by email of any offers you receive. You can also check your offer status at any time by logging into your SATAC application.

Note that SATAC will not notify you by email in the event that you do not receive an offer.

It is your responsibility to find out whether you have received an offer. You must follow the offer response and enrolment instructions in the offer letter. If you miss these deadlines, you risk losing your place in the course.

Responding to an offer

For most undergraduate and postgraduate courses, SATAC accepts the offer on your behalf. If you wish to change your offer response you can do so on the Offer Status page of your SATAC application. Enrolment in the course is your confirmation of accepting the place. 

For TAFE SA courses, applicants should log into mySATAC and respond to their offer. Not responding to an offer may impact an applicants chances to enrol with TAFE SA or be considered for any higher preference courses. 

Changing your mind  

If you change your mind and want a new offer for a different course, you may need to change your preferences.

Our Preferences page explains how to change preferences after receiving an offer.

Conditional offers

You may receive a conditional offer to one or more course/s you apply for through SATAC. A conditional offer is not final, and you must meet the conditions of the offer for it to be formalised.

If you receive a conditional undergraduate offer through SATAC your offer will be formalised if you meet the conditions of the offer and are not offered a higher preference.


Once you have received an offer you can enrol in your course.

Information about enrolment will either be in your offer letter, or the institution offering the course will contact you with instructions.

It is important to follow the information about enrolling and meet any deadlines. If you have any questions about the enrolment process, contact the institution as soon as possible.


Deferment means postponing enrolment in a course, usually until the following year. The institution will hold your place for you and you don’t need to apply again through SATAC to enrol.  

Undergraduate and postgraduate courses

Most undergraduate and some postgraduate courses are deferrable through SATAC. The course entry will state if a course can't be deferred. You can use the course search link at the top of the page to search undergraduate and postgraduate course entries.

You can apply for deferment online by logging in to your application and updating your response in the Offer Status section.

Once you have applied for deferment, SATAC will notify the institution. Towards the end of the deferment period, the institution will email you with information about how to enrol in the course.

Keep an eye on your email inbox so you do not miss any important emails from the institution, as you will not receive any reminders from SATAC.

TAFE SA courses

TAFE SA offers are not deferrable through SATAC.

Course costs

Course costs will vary depending on the course you are studying.

Each institution provides information about the fees for their courses on their websites.

You may be eligible for a HELP loan or other financial assistance to help with the costs of studying.

Credit and RPL

Credit is also known as status, advanced standing, or recognition of prior learning (RPL). If you plan to apply for credit you should seek advice from the institution before you enrol. The institution will explain the application process and any documentation you might need to supply.

SATAC does not provide advice about applying for credit, or your eligibility to do so.

Withdrawing from a course after enrolment

If you want to withdraw from a course after you have enrolled you should seek advice from the institution.

Note that deadlines usually apply, and you can incur financial or academic penalties if you withdraw after certain dates.