Your chances of getting an offer to a course can depend on: 

  • the selection rules and selection criteria for the course 
  • the number of places available in the course (the quota) 
  • whether you meet the admission requirements for the course and are eligible for a place 
  • how many other eligible applicants there are with the same qualification(s) as you 
  • how your qualifications rank in relation to other eligible applicants 

Selection rules 

Each institution has a set of selection rules for its courses. Selection rules describe who is eligible to apply, and how eligible applicants will be ranked for a place if the course is competitive. 

A competitive course is one that has more applicants than places available to offer. 

Each institution can set its own rules, so they may vary from course to course. 

If you are unsure about whether you are eligible to apply for a course, contact SATAC or the admissions office at the relevant institution for advice. 

Selection criteria

For many courses, you will need an academic qualification to be eligible to apply. The types of qualifications considered vary depending on whether you are applying for undergraduate, postgraduate or TAFE SA courses. 

Institutions and courses might check for English proficiency. Some courses have additional application requirements. You must meet these requirements in addition to the entry requirements. Additional requirements might include submitting a portfolio, attending an interview, or submitting a clinical placement form. 


Ranking rules determine how the order of merit is established. Each institution sets its own ranking rules. Ranking is often based on academic merit. For TAFE SA courses it can also be based on date of application. 

SATAC ranks eligible applicants to enable selection to take place. There are different methods of ranking for each type of qualification a course considers.