Friday 30 November 2018

This year there will be an additional undergraduate offer round on 20 December, shortly after SACE and NTCET results are released.

There are some important differences between the offer round in December, and the main offer round on 15 January 2019.

While most courses will make offers on 20 December, some courses with strict quotas or additional entry requirements won’t be participating so you will need to wait until mid-January for offers to those courses.

The 20 December offer round only considers first preferences, so any preference listed lower in your application will not be considered in the early offer round.

Once you have received your year 12 results you will have the opportunity to change your preferences before the 20 December offer round. SATAC encourages you to list the courses in your application in order of preference, with the course you’re most interested in as your first preference.

The main offer round on 15 January 2019 considers all preferences and all undergraduate courses, so if you don’t get an offer in December don’t panic. If you applied on time and paid your SATAC fees by the deadline your application will be considered in the main January offer round.