Delivering a modern, intuitive, mobile application experience.

SATAC is excited to launch mySATAC – an intuitive, modern and streamlined application portal which nurtures an applicant’s journey from interest to offer.

With a focus to significantly uplift the applicant experience, mySATAC leverages contemporary UX and new technologies, as well as an applicant research based approach to design and process.

The mySATAC experience includes:

  • Contemporary account management – including social registration
  • Ability to access, explore and apply from any device and browser
  • Intuitive application process
  • One-stop portal for applicants at any stage of their application journey
  • Personalised data recollection and self-service accessibility
  • Applicant analytics, conversion statistics and insights
  • Greater visibility of the application journey for Institutions, applicant influencers, teachers and school counsellors
Launching this year

From August 2023, undergraduate, postgraduate and TAFE SA applicants will apply through mySATAC.