Help is available to eligible students through a range of scholarships and Government payments.


SATAC's participating institutions provide a variety of scholarships and grants to assist students.

Read the institution profiles for more information about the scholarships they offer.

Equity Scholarships

You can apply for university-funded Equity Scholarships through SATAC.

Equity Scholarships are for undergraduate students who can provide proof of financial need.

Australian government payments

The Australian Government provides financial help to eligible students through payments administered by Services Australia.

You may be able to get one of these main fortnightly payments:

  • Youth Allowance - a fortnightly payment for people aged 16 to 24 who are studying full-time or doing a full-time Australian Apprenticeship. Some job seekers aged 16 to 21 can also get it.
  • Austudy - a fortnightly payment for people aged 25 or over who are studying full-time or doing a full-time Australian Apprenticeship.
  • ABSTUDY - a group of payments for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians studying or doing an Australian Apprenticeship. It can help with living costs, study costs and travel.
  • Pensioner Education Supplement - a regular payment to help with study costs if students also get certain income support payments from Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.
If you’re moving for study, you may also be able to get:

  • Tertiary Access Payment - a one-off payment of up to $5,000 for people moving from a regional or remote area for tertiary study within the year directly after completing Year 12
  • Relocation Scholarship - an annual payment to help students getting Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY who need to move to or from a regional or remote area for higher education study
  • Fares Allowance - to help with the costs of travel for students who need to live away from their family home to study
You may also be able to get extra help including:

  • Student Start-up Loan - a voluntary loan students getting Youth Allowance, Austudy or ABSTUDY Living Allowance can get up to twice a year. You have to pay the loan back once you start earning a certain amount of income.
  • Education Entry Payment - to help with the costs of study or training if you’ve been on certain payments from Services Australia.
  • Other concessions and allowances - such as a Health Care Card and Rent Assistance.
You can claim most payments online 13 weeks before your course starts using your myGov account linked to Centrelink.

Visit the Services Australia website to find out more about payment eligibility and how to claim.

Further information

Information about financial help for students is available from: