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Flinders is a leading international university in Australia, distinguished by its boldness, vigour and imagination. The University has a record of excellence and innovation in teaching, research and community engagement.

While the main campus is located in the suburb of Bedford Park, just a short drive south of Adelaide’s Central Business District and easily accessible by public transport, the University’s geographical footprint also stretches across South Australia, Western Victoria and the Northern Territory.

Flinders has over 2,500 staff and more than 25,100 students, with over 4,600 coming from countries as diverse as Canada, India and Kenya. Its graduates are encouraged to be knowledgeable, to communicate effectively, and to develop skills to connect across boundaries and tackle major challenges.

Flinders has led the way in providing access to higher education and offers a choice of pathways that cater to people from a variety of backgrounds.

Offering over 150 undergraduate and 270 postgraduate courses, Flinders prides itself on the quality of its programs and the attention given to the learning experience of its students.Admission

Flinders University offers many courses in a variety of areas and the entry requirements for these courses vary.


Undergraduate courses

You can qualify for entry to undergraduate courses through:

  • Year 12 qualifications (South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE), International Baccalaureate, and interstate equivalents) – the majority of year 12 applicants enter university via the traditional competitive entry method. Flinders University offers guaranteed entry for most courses to applicants competing on year 12 qualifications with an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) equal to or above the nominated ATAR and who meet all course prerequisites. More information about guaranteed entry including the courses to which it applies can be found on  University's website. The University may, at its discretion, also consider year 12 applicants based on their performance in specific SACE subject(s) or equivalent, if all course prerequisites are met.
  • TAFE/VET qualifications – applicants who have completed certain TAFE/VET qualifications are eligible to apply. Flinders University offers guaranteed entry to selected courses via our TAFElink program. To be eligible for TAFElink, you must have completed a TAFE/VET Certificate IV or higher qualification and meet all course prerequisites. More information about TAFElink including the courses to which it applies can be found on the University's website
  • Higher education transfers – applicants who have completed the equivalent of at least one semester (full-time) of a higher education course may be considered for entry to most courses on the basis of their higher education results. Flinders University also offers guaranteed entry to current Flinders students with a nominated Grade Point Average (GPA) to a majority of courses via our Flinderslink program and who meet all course prerequisites. More information about Flinderslink including the courses to which it applies can be found on the Flinderslink website.
  • Adult entry (STAT, tertiary preparation programs or Foundation Studies) – applicants who have not had the opportunity to gain access to university by traditional means may apply for entry through this pathway. Further information can be found on the University's website

Entry to all courses is normally based on academic merit as determined by assessment of an applicant’s qualifications. In some courses other criteria, such as the UMAT, an interview, audition or portfolio submission also apply, as well as some courses having SACE Stage 2 subject prerequisites. For information on such course requirements, please carefully read the information in this Guide and on the University's website.

It is extremely important that applicants get advice on the correct entry requirements for courses before listing preferences on SATAC’s online application. Advice should be sought from the Flinders University Office of Student Recruitment on 1300 354 633 (option 1).

Postgraduate courses

Entry requirements for postgraduate courses vary from course to course. Read the course entry details in course search carefully when applying.

Special access scheme

Indigenous Admissions Scheme for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have not had the opportunity to gain access to university by traditional means. Further information is available from the Yunggorendi First Nation Centre for Higher Education and Research on (08) 8201 3033.

Principals Recommendation Program appreciates that a student’s performance in year 12 studies may not always be a true indicator of an ability to succeed at university. Accordingly, Flinders will consider a school’s recommendation of an applicant’s academic performance and potential for university study for admission to selected Flinders courses.

uniTEST is open to current year 12 students wishing to enhance their opportunity to attend university. Flinders will select students based on both an applicant’s year 12 results and uniTEST performance.

uniLeap is open to recent year 12 students wishing to enhance their opportunity to attend university. UniLeap is a 4-week program that will develop your independent learning skills and prepare you for university study.

Further information about all of these schemes is available from the Office of Student Recruitment on 1300 354 633 (option 1) or visit the website


Quotas which determine the number of new students admitted to all courses are determined annually and for most courses applications exceed supply. Selection is made on the basis of academic merit and for some courses also performance in the UMAT, at an interview or audition. The University reserves the right not to offer a course for which insufficient applications have been received.


Flinders University has a range of scholarships and bursaries available to assist high achieving students as well as students from rural and remote areas or from low socio-economic backgrounds. Scholarships vary in level of support and some are targeted at specific fields of study. In addition, Flinders University offers a number of options that assist students to gain valuable work experiences or support studies overseas.

Scholarships are also available to continuing and honours students. Further information about scholarships at Flinders University is available at the University's scholarships website. Your questions can be answered online or by contacting Flinders Connect on 1300 354 633 (option 8). 


Most undergraduate courses can be deferred until the next year.

There is no deferral for postgraduate courses.

Credit transfer

Many courses at Flinders will grant credit for studies undertaken at other recognised educational institutions.

Credit transfer is available for applicants who have completed or partially completed an award from another university or recognised higher education institution, or who have completed an appropriate level of qualification from TAFE or a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Many TAFE/RTO qualifications have already been assessed for credit towards some Flinders undergraduate courses; these can be searched with the online Credit Transfer Database. Other qualifications will require individual assessment.

Eligibility for credit does not guarantee entry to a course at Flinders University.

Further details on credit transfer may be obtained online or from Flinders Connect on 1300 354 633 (option 2). 

Flinders University and TAFE SA

Flinders University together with TAFE SA offer over 45 dual offer pathways for undergraduate courses in various discipline areas. Students undertaking this pathway are guaranteed entry to Flinders University on successful completion of their TAFE SA studies. Articulated credit transfer agreements allow for students to maximise credit opportunities. Students will strengthen their vocational skills by combining TAFE and university studies and receiving two awards.

Enquiries should be made to the Office of Student Recruitment on 1300 354 633 (option 1), or to the TAFE SA Information Service, telephone 1800 882 661 (free call) or 8463 6300 (mobile callers).

Academic year

Commencement dates vary and details may be obtained from the University's website. Note that enrolment dates may be much earlier. If you receive an offer to a course you will be sent detailed enrolment instructions. 

Student services and facilities

Flinders University has a strong reputation for supporting all students by providing access to a comprehensive range of free and confidential student services.

Flinders University’s Plaza and Student Hub is the heart of the University’s Bedford Park campus. With a focus on student interaction, engagement, services and community events, the plaza is a vibrant place in which to learn, connect and play.

Typically a new Flinders student will begin the year by participating in the Orientation and Transition Program, including campus tours and academic, online and social support. In addition students can attend the Academic Preparation Program (APP), which provides an introduction to student life at Flinders, including university expectations, academic skills, and student services, making sure first year students start on track.

Other Student Services available to Flinders University students include:

  • The Transition Office – assisting students from many different backgrounds with their transition to university by offering information, support and referral on a number of issues. No question is ever too small! For further information email transition@flinders.edu.au or call (08) 8201 5781.
  • The Student Learning Centre (SLC) – provides free academic support to all currently enrolled students. The SLC offers lunchtime seminars and drop-in centres, as well as facilitating the APP and a brand new English Language Support Program. For further information email slc@flinders.edu.au or call (08) 8201 2518.
  • The Careers and Employer Liaison Centre – offering career advice, university and community mentoring, vacation and graduate employment, and a range of additional programs assisting the further development of graduate skills sought after by employers. For further information email careers@flinders.edu.au or call (08) 8201 2832.
  • Health, Counselling and Disability Services – offering medical services, personal counselling, disability services and many online resources. For further information visit the website or call (08) 8201 2118.
  • Yunggorendi First Nations Centre for Higher Education and Research – providing academic, social and other support to Indigenous students. For further information email yunggorendi@flinders.edu.au or call (08) 8201 3033.
  • International Student Services – offering a range of services to assist international students with life and studies at Flinders University. For further information email iss@flinders.edu.au or call (08) 8201 2717.
  • Flinders University Student Association – providing assistance with advocacy and welfare services, loans and financial counselling and academic, cultural, political, recreational and religious clubs, societies and associations. For further information visit the FUSA website or call (08) 8201 2371. 


The Flinders University Library consists of a Central Library and three branch libraries – the Law, Sturt and Gus Fraenkel Medical Libraries. The library system contains more than one million books and periodicals on all subjects related to the teaching and research interests of the University's staff and students. There are extensive reading and study areas in all the libraries, and each library offers borrowing facilities to any student in the University. The library offers a wide range of electronic services, including: 

  • a comprehensive range of databases and electronic journals
  • computers in each library with internet and word processing capabilities.

Flinders One services

Flinders One provides a range of services to students including:

  • a gym, sports and recreational clubs and facilities
  • food outlets and cafes
  • retail/stationary shop

For further information regarding Flinders One services  visit the website.

Students with disabilities

Flinders University is committed to providing access and equity for students with disabilities to enable them to participate fully and independently, to the greatest extent possible in the academic, cultural and social life of the University. For further information email disability@flinders.edu.au or call (08) 8201 2118.


Flinders University encourages students to apply for accommodation in the educational, multicultural, and fun residential communities on campus.

University Hall accommodates 250 students from around the world in its catered, collegiate-style hall of residence.

The Deirdre Jordan Village is self-catered with 2, 3 and 5-bedroom units and a supportive semi-collegiate environment for 310 residents.

Both are a few minutes’ walk from the heart of the University and to public transport to the nearby beaches, shopping centres and the Adelaide CBD. Both offer residents a fantastic opportunity to be a part of lively communities that emphasise personal development, collegiality, leadership opportunities and intellectual growth.

Applications close on 15 November of the year prior to entry. For further information contact Flinders Living, telephone (08) 87221 8900 or email flinders.living@flinders.edu.au or apply online.

Child care facilities

There are two options of childcare available on the Flinders University campus. For further details please contact either the Flinders University Child Care Centre located on the Sturt Campus, telephone (08) 8201 2881, or the Community Child Care Centre located next to the Flinders Medical Centre, telephone (08) 8204 5306.

Further information

The following free publications are available on request:

  • Flinders University Undergraduate Course Guide 2018
  • Course brochures 2018
  • New Courses 2018
  • Navigate Your Future: Course Navigator
  • School Students Guide to University
  • Regional and Interstate Students Guide to University
  • Adult Entry Pathways Guide
  • Guaranteed Entry Pathways
  • Indigenous Pathways to Flinders
  • Flinders Living Student Accommodation
  • Scholarships at Flinders
  • Information for Parents- From Year 10 to Uni
  • Information for Parents- From Year 11 to Uni
  • Information for Parents- From Year 12 to Uni

Further enquiries should be directed to the Office of Student Recruitment at success@flinders.edu.au.


Office of Student Recruitment

Flinders Connect
Level 0, Central Library, Flinders University
Sturt Road, Bedford Park SA 5042

Telephone: 1300 354 633 (option 1)

Email: askflinders@flinders.edu.au
Website: www.flinders.edu.au

Postal address:

Office of Student Recruitment
Flinders University
GPO Box 2100
Adelaide SA 5001

CRICOS Provider No: 00114A

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