Military veterans and employees of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) may be eligible to apply on the basis of their service.

Use Course Search to check if the courses you are interested in consider military service for entry.

You can tell SATAC about your military service by listing and describing your relevant employment in your online application. You will also need to provide documents as evidence of your military service. 

Documents required

Documentation submitted to support your military service needs to include:

  • the rank(s) you achieved
  • the division(s) you worked in
  • the length and dates of services for each rank
Please note a Certificate of Enlistment is not sufficient evidence of your service.

You must provide one of the following:

  • ADO Service Record Report (full PMKeyS statement) containing a complete service record which is available to serving members of the Armed Forces. The statement contains current rank, date of enlistment, length of service, current occupation, posting and promotion history.
  • A letter from your supervisor/personnel officer/commanding officer giving rank, length of service, and, if possible, occupation.
  • Certificate of Service which states rank on discharge and dates of service.