Before you submit a SATAC application there are a few things it will help to be familiar with as you work through the process.

What is TAFE SA?

TAFE SA is the largest vocational education and training (VET) provider in South Australia, and one of the largest in Australia.

TAFE SA provides courses at certificate, diploma, and advanced diploma levels, as well as some higher education level courses.

You can apply for TAFE SA award courses through SATAC.

What is VET?

VET stands for vocational education and training. VET courses are courses which primarily focus on providing skills for work. VET courses include qualifications at certificate, diploma and advanced diploma level from a TAFE or registered training organisation (RTO).

Equal consideration

Equal consideration is an important principle of the SATAC application process. It means that all applicants who have the same selection rank for a course will be treated equally in the selection process.

Equal consideration is important because it allows you to apply for more than one course in a single application, and be confident that your application will be treated fairly.

Your entitlement to equal consideration can be affected by a number of factors. If you apply by the relevant dates and comply with all the application requirements, SATAC will guarantee you equal consideration in the selection process.

If you do not apply in a timely manner, or otherwise do not comply with the requirements of the application, you will not be guaranteed equal consideration.

We explain your responsibilities as an applicant in more detail here.

When to apply

Applying on time is important. If you lodge an application for a course after the closing date you will be affected in one or more of the following ways:

  • you may not be given equal consideration
  • your application may not be considered at all.

Check the key dates for information on closing dates for TAFE SA applications. 

Entry requirements

Your chances of being selected into a TAFE SA course depend on a number of factors, including whether the course is competitive or not, and what qualifications you have. The information that follows explains how TAFE SA selects applicants for its courses.

Familiarise yourself with the entry requirements for each course you're interested in and read the course entry carefully before you apply.

Choosing your courses

One of the benefits of the SATAC system is that you have the opportunity to apply for more than one course at the same time. This means that you only complete a single application and supply supporting information once.

You can list up to three courses as preferences on your SATAC application. 

SATAC will assume that your first preference is the course you most want to study. If the course can make you an immediate offer the online application will alert you, and there is then no need to enter any more preferences. You will receive your offer once you have completed and submitted your application.

If your first preference is not able to make an immediate offer then you can add another preference if you wish. If you are not eligible or competitive enough to be offered your first preference, SATAC will consider your second preference as if it were your new first preference. If necessary, this process will continue until all of your preferences are considered.

Changing your preferences

If you submit an application, add preferences or change the order of preferences after specified dates, some or all of your preferences may not be given equal consideration with the preferences of other (on-time) applicants. 

There will be times during the application cycle when changes of preference will be unavailable. This is to allow SATAC to process applications in time for an offer round. You should change your preferences by these deadlines in order to be considered in the next offer round.

Check the key dates for information on change of preference deadlines. 

SATAC fees

SATAC applications for courses at TAFE SA are free of charge.

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