Friday 14 December 2018

South Australian and Northern Territory year 12 students can access their SATAC Tertiary Entrance Statement online from Tuesday 18 December.

Students can access their Statement from 8.30am via the SACE Board’s Students Online portal. A link will be available from the SATAC website.

The Tertiary Entrance Statement includes important information about your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) and TAFE SA Selection Score.

It also includes your scaled scores for SACE or NTCET subjects and shows how your university aggregate and TAFE SA Selection Score are calculated.

Early undergraduate offer round

This year there will be an additional undergraduate offer round on 20 December, shortly after SACE and NTCET results are released.

Students will have the opportunity to change their preferences after receiving their results and before the offer round on 20 December.

The 20 December offer round considers first preferences only and not all courses will make offers in this round. The main offer round on 15 January 2019 considers all preferences and all undergraduate courses.

Changing preferences before January offer rounds

The deadline for changing preferences before the main January offer round is 3 January 2019 for undergraduate courses.

For TAFE SA courses the change of preference deadline is 2 January 2019.

For advice on how your year 12 results affect your SATAC application contact SATAC.