Wednesday 30 June 2021

Students who want to study at TAFE SA, apply through the SATAC application system. Due to an error caused by a SATAC system fault, some applicants who applied to study a TAFE SA course did not receive an offer when they should have.

As a result of the error, 117 applicants received an incorrect offer from SATAC. TAFE SA was able to accommodate 54 of these applicants so that offers could be made to this cohort of prospective students. The remaining 63 applicants had their offer withdrawn.

SATAC is working with the 63 impacted applicants who have had their offer withdrawn to assist with any inconveniences they have experienced.

Due to strict quotas and course requirements, TAFE SA was unable to make additional offers to these applicants.

SATAC notified all impacted applicants as soon as possible once the system error was discovered and new measures are in place to ensure this error does not happen again.

SATAC sincerely apologises to our applicants and to TAFE SA for this mistake. It is our purpose to guide and support admission to tertiary study and on this occasion, we missed the mark.

SATAC’s priority is to provide help and support where possible to the 63 impacted applicants as we work through this process.

- END -

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