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All applications for TAFE SA courses offered through SATAC are made online. Once you have read all the necessary information and decided which courses you would like to apply for, click Apply to begin your application.

SATAC application process

The online instructions will step you through the application process. 

Consider what you want to study and choose your preferences carefully. Course information is available on the TAFE SA website and inside the SATAC application. Make sure you read the course entry details for any additional requirements your preferences may have.

You should also familiarise yourself with how TAFE SA selection works.

How the SATAC preference system works

You can list up to three courses as preferences on your SATAC application. 

SATAC will assume that your first preference is the course you most want to study. If the course can make you an immediate offer the online application will alert you, and there is then no need to enter any more preferences. You will receive your offer once you have completed and submitted your application.

If your first preference is not able to make an immediate offer then you can add another preference if you wish. If you are not eligible or competitive enough to be offered your first preference, SATAC will consider your second preference as if it were your new first preference. If necessary, this process will continue until all of your preferences are considered.

Applying online

Create a login

To begin an online application you complete the online registration page. You will need to create a username and password, and provide a valid email address.

SATAC will send you a confirmation email when you have successfully completed the registration page. If you do not receive the email, check your spam or junk mail folder. If you have not received your confirmation email after a few hours, it may be that there is a technical issue, or you have mistyped your email address. Contact SATAC and we will check for you.

If you have previously applied for TAFE SA courses through SATAC (since June 2010) you can log in using your previous username and password. It is not necessary to complete the registration page again. If you are unable to remember your login details from your previous application, use the links provided in the login box and SATAC will send you the information you need via email.

Provide a valid email address

All applicants must provide a valid email address when applying for a TAFE SA course as SATAC will send you important information via email, such as an acknowledgement of your application, change of preference confirmations, and notification of any offers you receive. 

You will also need your email address to retrieve your username or reset your password should you forget them. 

TAFE SA may contact you by email with information about enrolment or other details should you receive an offer.

It is important that you have regular access to the email address you provide, so you should not use a school email address or an email address that belongs to someone else. The application is not designed to support someone applying on your behalf, such as teachers, job network or TAFE SA support staff.

You can get a free web-based email account through online providers such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, or by searching online.

SATAC reference number

When you submit your application, SATAC confirms that we have received it by displaying your SATAC TAFE SA reference number. 

The date of receipt of your online application is deemed to be the date on which your application is successfully submitted i.e. you have been provided with a SATAC TAFE SA reference number.

Equal consideration

The concept of equal consideration is a central principle of the SATAC admissions system. Equal consideration means that all applicants who have the same selection rank for a course are treated equally, so either all or none will be entitled to an offer. 

If you submit your application by the relevant closing date and comply with all the application requirements, you will be guaranteed equal consideration in the selection process. If however, you submit a late application or do not comply with all the application requirements, you will not be guaranteed equal consideration.

Closing dates

Applying on time is important. If you lodge an application for a course after the closing date you will be affected in one or more of the following ways:

  • you may not be given equal consideration
  • your application may not be considered at all.

Check the key dates for information on closing dates for TAFE SA applications. 

Application fees

SATAC applications for courses at TAFE SA are free. 

Acknowledgment of your application

As soon as you have submitted your online application SATAC will send you an email to the email address you provided which includes a PDF of your acknowledgement letter. Check your acknowledgment letter carefully and advise SATAC immediately of any changes. Full details of how to do this are shown in the letter.

Your responsibilities as an applicant

It is your responsibility to:

  • carefully follow all application instructions whether applying for the first time or changing preferences
  • provide all the information sought in the application process
  • provide all the supporting documentation (if any) required by SATAC to assess your application in time for the main offer rounds
  • check and conform to the closing dates of your course preferences
  • read and agree to the terms and conditions of the application.

Terms and conditions of application (317kb PDF)

For more information on the obligations and responsibilities of SATAC and our participating institutions concerning applications and assessment, please see the About Us page to download a copy of the SATAC Applicant Charter.

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