Key dates 2018


Semester 2 2018
Date Event
30 April 2018 Applications open for courses starting in semester 2 2018.
30 May 2018 Equal consideration closing date for competitive course preferences. Submit your application by this date to be guaranteed equal consideration.
12 June 2018 Change of preference deadline. Course preferences cannot be added, removed or re-ordered in submitted applications from midnight until Monday 18 June.
12 June 2018 Last day to undertake the Core Skills Profile for Adults (CSPA) for results to be considered in the 18 June offer round.
13-15 June 2018 Offer round processing. SATAC prepares for the June 18 offer round. Some services will be unavailable for short periods.
18 June 2018 First June offer round. Offers available online.
Tuesdays Undertake the CSPA by Tuesday each week for results to be considered in the upcoming Friday offer round.
Fridays Further offers made each Friday from 22 June for courses with vacancies.