SACE/NTCET subjects for tertiary entry

When choosing a pattern of study for tertiary entry, you must take into account a number of rules which affect entry to both university and TAFE SA courses. These rules cover which subjects, and combination of subjects, can be used in the calculation of an ATAR or TAFE SA Selection Score.

The rules are approved SATAC's member institutions - Flinders University, the University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, Charles Darwin University and TAFE SA - and are also used by CQUniversity Australia, Tabor and Torrens University Australia for courses offered through SATAC.

The following tables provide information on rules affecting entry to both the universities and TAFE SA, and rules affecting entry to university only.

Please note that this information is subject to change as subjects are accredited by the SACE Board throughout the academic year.

Select a link below for information about the rules for each SACE/NTCET Learning Area (links open in new windows).

Arts Learning Area (46 KB PDF)

Business, Enterprise and Technology Learning Area (47 KB PDF)

Cross-disciplinary Learning Area (47 KB PDF)

English Learning Area (40 KB PDF)

Health and Physical Education Learning Area (38 KB PDF)

Humanities and Social Sciences Learning Area (44 KB PDF)

Languages Learning Area (70 KB PDF)

Mathematics Learning Area (37 KB PDF)

Sciences Learning Area (47 KB PDF)

Recognised Studies

The SACE Board of South Australia has policies and procedures to recognise a range of non-SACE learning that can count towards the SACE/NTCET.

SATAC’s member institutions (Flinders University, the University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, Charles Darwin University and TAFE SA) may also agree to these studies contributing to the flexible option in the calculation of the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) and the TAFE SA Selection Score.

Academic studies or vocational training may be counted providing the studies are at the same or higher level as SACE/NTCET Stage 2 subjects in terms of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). VET studies must be completed qualifications at AQF Certificate III or above.

In order for Recognised Studies to count towards an ATAR and/or a TAFE SA Selection Score, you must complete the study prior to or in the same year that your ATAR/TAFE SA Selection Score is calculated for the first time. You cannot use studies completed in any year following the calculation of your ATAR/TAFE SA Selection Score.

Some studies are pre-approved as Recognised Studies, such as Higher and Standard Level International Baccalaureate subjects, specified Australian interstate year 12 studies, or completed VET awards at Certificate III or above.

Other types of study are not pre-approved as Recognised Studies and approval must be sought from the SACE Board in the first instance, then by SATAC's member institutions. 

Students should discuss Recognised Studies with their school to ensure the correct procedure is followed before undertaking any non-SACE study.

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